Since 2003, Fifth Austin Funding or one of its predecessors,  has contracted with qualified used car dealers, primarily in Arizona, to facilitate the sale of used cars by allowing the Dealer to finance new contracts, profit share the contracts with Fifth Austin Funding or sell existing contracts and receive most of their money up front, while paying NO discount fees.


We work with the dealer in a variety of ways and have no minimum number of contract requirement:

1. We can purchase existing contracts that you have previously chosen to carry in-house.

2. We can purchase new sales contracts at a discount.

3. We can do a profit sharing agreement on new sales contracts.



Dealer Benefits – when the contract
is shared with Fifth Austin Funding:

  • Nearly all sales expenses and all vehicle costs can be paid by Fifth Austin Funding.
  • All profits on the contract will be shared equally between Fifth Austin Funding and the Dealer.
  • Collections and processing of car loan payments are handled by Fifth Austin Funding.
  • Repossessions are handled by Fifth Austin Funding.