We purchase Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sales Contracts from used car dealers. We are funded entirely by private lenders or through internal cash flow.  The monies we receive to purchase Contracts are from private lenders and as such are considered loans from the individual to Fifth Austin Funding, such as a bank would provide, and not an investment in nor ownership  of Fifth Austin Funding, LLC or Austin Title, LLC.

Most of the contracts we purchase are 12-36 months in duration. We, like banks, borrow from individuals (Lenders) in order to finance these contracts. This is commonly referred to as Peer-to-Peer lending. We are able to pay our Lenders an excellent interest rate because we pass the majority of the interest paid to us by the customer through to our Lender. Interest paid to the Lender will vary depending on the structure of each contract. We earn our profit almost exclusively through the discount we obtain when we purchase the contract. Austin Titles, LLC. is the lien holder on all vehicle titles underlying the contract.

Payment of principle and interest to the lenders is made monthly. The Lender may elect to have payments applied 100% directly to principal until the full balance of principal is paid in full, thus deferring the interest income. Thereafter, payments will be applied to interest until the full balance of interest accrued, from the date of payoff of the principal, is paid in full. 

We have established a general set of criteria that the vehicle should meet for each contract similar to the following:

Vehicles should not exceed 150,000 miles, except by  approval.

Contracts are 12-36 months and none exceed 36 months.

All vehicles are required to have a GPS locator installed.


Please look at the PDF files below to see our Regulation D Private Placement Offering.

We are currently paying 12% APR.

Payments are made monthly.

1. Regulation D Offering Memorandum 2. Agreement 3. Questionnaire 4. Subscription